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Um den für Ihre individuelle Anforderung passenden Reinraumhandschuh zu finden, ist es nicht nur notwendig eine gewisse Auswahl zu testen, sondern auch die jeweiligen Dokumentationen miteinander zu vergleichen und zu prüfen.

Bei der Auswahl beraten wir Sie gerne und stellen Ihnen bei Bedarf Muster zu Testzwecken zur Verfügung.


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Cleanroom gloves differ from laboratory and surgical gloves in two essential points

Basically all 3 glove types are medical devices which use the directive (EU) 93/42/EEC on medical devices and the regulation (EU) 89/686/EEC on personal protective equipment (PPE) as a basis for certification.

1. The documentation of the cleanroom gloves

In addition to the required certifications, batch-related further tests that are indispensable for cleanroom applications are also carried out, e.g. on particle emission, endotoxin, ESD, ion levels, etc. This applies both to sterile and non-sterile cleanroom gloves.

Note: In most cases, manufacturers' product data sheets only provide a rough overview. In order to obtain relevant data for an evaluation of a cleanroom glove, we recommend requesting the respective certificates of analysis of different batches (lots), if possible three or more. 

2. The further processing of the cleanroom gloves after their production

Up to a certain point, the laboratory, surgical and cleanroom gloves go through the same manufacturing process. Afterwards, however, the cleanroom gloves are subjected to extensive post-cleaning. This includes both chlorination processes and decontamination (washing) using DI water. Only the reduction of powder residues in chlorine baths is in many cases not sufficient to allow the glove type to be used in controlled conditions without hesitation. However, these two steps have a major influence on the characteristic features of a glove, such as purity, grip, conductivity etc.

As with many other cleanroom products, the packaging process then takes place under defined conditions. In many cases in cleanrooms of air cleanliness class ISO 4 or 5, but without prior cleanroom-compatible preparation - i.e. decontamination - packaging under controlled conditions makes no sense. In this case, you would only have packaged a product in an ISO 4 or 5 environment - which is not the same as "suitable for use in a cleanroom of air cleanliness class ISO 4 or 5".

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