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Sponges and special wipes

Shown on picture: Block sponge DXD-125

To the disinfectants
Sponge wipe DXD-100, Art.-No. 90100

Sponges and sponge wipes

Special features of the sponges

  • high liquid absorption
  • reusable after rinsing in clear water

We offer variants made of PVA, PU or microfibre!

Sponges and sponge wipes Show item numbers
Sponge wipes DXE-20
polyvinyl acetate, coarser pore structure, for cleaning of equipment and machines
230 x 230 x 2 mm
Sponge wipes DXD-20
polyvinyl acetate, very small pore structure, for precision cleaning
230 x 230 x 2 mm
Sponge wipes DXS-100
polyvinyl acetate, for cleaning large surfaces, floors and walls
430 x 325 x 1.5 mm
Block sponge DXD-125
polyvinyl acetate, for absorption of larger amounts of liquid, with good particle binding
125 x 85 x 355 mm

Special wipes

Special wipes Show item numbers
Reusable wipe Clino® Carbon
antistatic, autoclavable, low particle emission, for smooth, water-resistant surfaces
350 x 400 mm
Cleaning wipe Wipextra
68 g/m², Z-folding, very absorbent and relatively solvent-resistant
45% polyester /
55% cellulose
300 x 360 mm