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Efficiency control
and training

The efficiency control in the cleanroom should be carried out according to GMP guidelines.

During training in the cleanroom, attention is paid to how cleanroom clothing is put on and how people must behave in the cleanroom. In addition, information is provided on the rules and safety measures regarding the use of the cleanroom.

Model variants

Particle visualising lamps

Possible accessories (partly standard)

  • bottle with dosing pump Magic Fluore (500 ml) liquid UV-fluorescent to visualize the particle concentration on surfaces
  • black cleanroom wipes (pack of 50)
  • black glass plates with polished edges, size: 100 x 100 mm, thickness: 3 mm, minimum purchase: 5 pieces
  • fibre-optic light guide for PVL-2/PVL-3M
  • loading unit and charger for PVL-2/PVL-3M
  • suitcase for PVL-2/PVL-3M (aluminium with inlay)
  • manual and brief instructions
  • protective cap for PVL-2/PVL-3M
  • anti-theft device for PVL-2/PVL-3M
  • UV safety goggles – various designs

Further visualisation lamps and systems on request!

Particle visualising lamps Show item numbers
UV light including accessories
White light including accessories
UV and white light lamp (dimmable in 3 steps) including accessories


Accessories Show item numbers
KlerReveal training kit for hand cleaning (training kit for the visualisation of contamination on the skin)
Micronova® inspection mirror
LED flashlight, 3.8 x 1.25", batteries included
Holder for LED torch
Protective cap
Extendible handle (38" – 72" / 97 – 183 cm), stainless steel/polypropylene