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Over 40 years of Dastex –
the success story continues

From 1979 until today – Dastex in fast motion.
Here you can see some key dates.

Quo vadis, Dastex?

Dastex has undergone an impressive development since its foundation in 1979 and remains true to its commitment to quality, service, passion and sustainability. The acquisition of Vita Verita and the successful takeover by The Riverside Company have taken the company to a new level. 

Successful acquisitions and strategic direction
The recently completed and extremely successful takeover of Dastex by The Riverside Company represents another milestone in the company's history. At the same time, Vita Verita, a leading player in the Swedish market, was also successfully acquired. Both strategic steps are aimed at establishing Dastex as the centrepiece of an ambitious pan-European growth strategy. Working closely with the management teams of Dastex and Vita Verita, Riverside aims to become the European market leader in contamination control for cleanrooms.

Origins and initial challenges
Dastex started in 1979 as a mere trading company in what was then a very young industry. The first products were mainly sourced from Japan and the USA and sold to cleanroom customers in German-speaking countries. However, it quickly became clear that an adaptation to European standards was necessary, which prompted us to take over the production of reusable cleanroom garments ourselves.

Long-term partnerships 
Over the past four decades, we have formed long-term partnerships with service providers such as CWS, Bardusch, Decontam, Salesianer, DFD and many more, which help to ensure that our customers are reliably supplied with our high-quality cleanroom garments at all times.

Quality and customer satisfaction
Over the course of our history, we have built up further close relationships with qualified service providers and suppliers. To this day, these partnerships guarantee consistently high product quality and customer satisfaction. We are particularly proud of the fact that we are still serving and supplying customers from the very beginning in the 1980s.

Portfolio expansion and market expertise
In view of the constantly growing requirements in the industry, Dastex has continuously expanded its product and service portfolio. In addition to textile cleanroom garments, we have also extended our expertise to other cleanroom consumables such as gloves, wipes, cleaning agents and disinfectants as well as many other cleanroom-compatible products. 

Over time, Dastex has become internationally orientated and is now one of the leading system suppliers in Europe for cleanroom garments and cleanroom consumables.

Research & Development
In addition to trading, we have successfully built up our own R&D department. The centrepiece is the Body- Box developed referring to IEST-RP-CC003.4 and in cooperation with the company CCI von Kahlden GmbH. We also use many other testing devices to test cleanroom textiles: a Helmke Drum, a device for sizing and counting particulate contaminants according to ASTM-F51 (modified), a filter test stand developed in-house, Martindale abrasion test bench and other devices to determine conductivity, surface resistance or air permeability.
We have also realised an in-house development of a test bench for testing the particle release of cleanroom wipes.

Knowledge sharing and consulting
Dastex shares its many years of expertise through active participation in national and international committees as well as through lectures and presentations at seminars and congresses. Based on this, our well-trained and motivated team offers advice coordinated to the respective customer requirements.

Team and corporate culture
Our team, the centre and guarantor of our success, has grown from three people at the beginning to more than 70 employees. We value the long-term loyalty of our employees, which contribute to the continuous development of the company's expertise. Dastex promotes e. g. family-friendly working time models.

With the successful completion of the acquisition by The Riverside Company and the resulting positive developments, Dastex is more than confident about the future. 

As an expert in contamination control in cleanrooms, we offer innovative and proven solutions so that our customers can work under optimal conditions and be successful in their field. In addition, we make a positive contribution to the environment by prioritising sustainability.

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