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Over 40 years Dastex

A familiy-owned company in the 2nd generation celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2019.

Quo vadis, Dastex?

Founded at the beginning of 1979, Dastex started out as a pure trading company in what was then a very young industry. The first products were sourced mainly from Japan and the USA and were sold to cleanroom customers primarily in the German-speaking countries. However, it soon became apparent that Japanese clothing sizes were not easily compatible with those in Europe. This was the impetus to take the production of cleanroom garments into our own hands. At the same time a partner for the professional decontamination of cleanroom garments was found, the company Schwenk und Sohn, based in Reutlingen. Today the company operates under the name Initial Textil Service GmbH & Co. KG - a company of the CWS Group. Despite various takeovers of the service company - the partnership-based cooperation still exists today and is certainly proof of the generation-spanning company philosophy for a partnership-based cooperation with the aim of being able to offer customers from different industries the best possible concept solution. In the course of the successful Dastex company history, further close partnerships with qualified service providers and suppliers have been developed, which to this day are a guarantee for consistently high product quality and accompanying high customer satisfaction in an ever-developing business environment with the highest quality standards. With a certain amount of pride, Dastex looks back on a multitude of customer-supplier relationships that have lasted for over 25 years.

As the industry evolves, with ever-increasing demands, Dastex has successfully expanded its portfolio, services and market expertise. The production and continuous improvement of cleanroom garments remained the core element of the Dastex product range, whereby the experience gained over the years helped to expand the initial product range not only in the direction of cleanroom garments, but also for cleanroom consumer goods. From the very beginning, the processes of our customers and the requirements derived from them were the focus of our attention.

In the further course of the company's history, Dastex focused on an increasingly international orientation and today is certainly one of the leading system suppliers in Europe for cleanroom disposables, such as clothing, gloves, wipes, cleaning and disinfection products, etc. 

In addition to trading in cleanroom disposables, Dastex continued to expand its services in the form of research and development. A figurehead for the company located in Muggensturm! The Body-Box, built and further developed with the company CCI von Kahlden GmbH, is still the showpiece of Dastex R&D facilities and is unparalleled worldwide.

Through active participation in national and international committees, such as VDI or ISO and also through numerous presentations and lectures at home and abroad, Dastex passes on the know-how it has gained over the decades. For many years, professional advice and understanding of the sometimes very different customer requirements and product recommendations tailored to these requirements have been at the centre of our business activities. Dastex relies on its well-trained and highly motivated specialist staff, some of whom have many years of cleanroom and product experience. 

Dastex knows about the importance of its team of employees, without which the company's successful business development over four decades would never have been possible. From an initial staff of 3 people, the workforce has since grown to more than 65 employees. It is not uncommon for employees to have been with the company for more than 20 years, and the family-friendly working hours ensured that the company's own knowledge was retained and continuously developed.  

Consequently, Dastex is confident that it will be able to continue the successful development of the past 40 years. The goal remains to offer a positive, accepted and reliable service and size in the market, in order to firmly target the next, then 50th anniversary of the company.

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