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Adhesive cleaning products

Comparable to tacky mats, which bind particles to themselves through their adhesive power, there are cleaning products that also use this property to absorb particles or remove them from surfaces. They are generally used where, due to the circumstances or surface condition, no other cleaning agents and/or liquids should be used.

These can be, for example, adhesive rolls, cloths that have a certain adhesiveness or cleaning sticks that are used to specifically absorb particles.

Dastroller, Art.-No. 945320

Adhesive cleaning products

Please note that the articles listed here are only an extract of the most common variants. Further products on request!

Adhesive cleaning products
ESD-compatible, yellow polyethylene core ø 38 mm, LDPE film with acrylic adhesive (edges non-adhesive), film thickness 45 ± 5 µm, adhesive force 300 g / 25 mm (± 50 g), surface resistance ≤ 1011 Ohm
100 mm wide, 18 m long
Handle for Dastroller Art.-No. 945100
polypropylene/chrome-plated stainless steel, 5 pieces/bag
275 mm long x 80 mm wide
white polyethylene core ø 76 mm, LDPE film carrier knitted (coated with acrylic adhesive), film thickness 80 ± 5 µm, adhesive force 500 g / 25 mm (± 50 g), surface resistance ≤ 1011 Ohm, heat resistant up to 100 °C
320 mm wide, 20 m long
Handle for Dastroller Art.-No. 945320
polypropylene/chrome-plated stainless steel, 1 piece/bag
120 cm long x 32 cm wide
Cleaning swab gel stick
adhesive silicone head ø 2 mm, stainless steel handle, 10 pcs. in case
75 mm long (handle)
Cleaning swab
adhesive polyurethane head ø 2.5 mm, polypropylene handle, individually packed
73 mm long (handle)
Adhesive particle counter pad PC-PAD, PE/carrier paper (220 g/m2), water-based adhesive (adhesive force 600 g ± 100), 140 x 120 mm
140 x 120 mm
Dust binding wipe Gentex 160
cotton gauze with adhesive, for particle removal before surface treatment
40 x 75 cm ± 10%
Dust binding wipe Staubfix poly classic
polyester knitted fabric impregnated, antistatic, for critical applications, plastic substrates and water-based paints/varnishes
20 x 45 cm