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Disposable face masks


The bacterial and particulate filter function of disposable face masks prevents additional human contamination.

In the standard version disposable face masks have a minimum width of 18 cm, in the wide version 21 cm and in the extra wide version 23 cm or more.


Shown on picture: Kimtech™ M3 disposable face mask
pouch shape, duckbill design, with short gap guard

Important product information about our face masks

With a few marked exceptions, our face masks are neither medical face masks certified according to DIN EN 14683:2019-10 nor face masks that have been tested by a Notified Body according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on personal protective equipment. 

Reason: The sole purpose of these face masks is to limit the transfer of particulate and microbiological contaminants, which are emitted by the wearer, in cleanrooms/rooms of technical cleanliness, in such a way that primarily the product, but also its production environment, is not contaminated. This also explains the very high particle filtration efficiency (PFE) such as bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) required by the cleanroom industry for these face masks.

What characterizes a cleanroom compatible face mask

A disposable face mask with acceptable filtration efficiency consists of three plies (layers), usually made of polyethylene non-woven fabrics,  whereby the middle layer is decisive for the filtration efficiency. The layer facing the skin should be soft and comfortable to wear. The outer layer should mainly protect the filter medium from damage. A common feature of all face masks is the flexible, shapeable embedded nose clip at the upper edge, which, when handled correctly, should help to ensure that as little unfiltered air as possible can escape upwards, past the side of the nose wings.

Disposable face mask to tie

The fit influences wearing comfort and effectiveness


Therefore, coordinate your face mask with the rest of your garment concept, particularly the headgear and especially the hoods!

The listed non sterile face masks have a 3-layer construction made of cleanroom compatible fabrics.

Face masks – sterile
KIMTECH Pure* M3, with elastic ear loops
18 cm
KIMTECH Pure* M3, face mask with ties
23 cm
KIMTECH™ M3, duckbill pouch shape, with knitted headbands
25 x 10 cm
BDBS-G, pouch shaped, with knitted headbands
30 x 10 cm

Product recommen­dation based on cleanroom classes

Air cleanliness class EN ISO 14644-1
(areas subject to particle surveillance)

123456789low dust

Hygiene zones according to GMP
(microbiologically controlled areas)


Fastening clip for masks with elastic ear loops

Fastening clip

For fastening the head loops of face masks to the back of the head - for a better wearing comfort

  • 50 x 14 x 0.9 mm (Length x Width x Thickness) approx.
  • slot 1 mm wide
  • polyester transparent
  • 100 pcs. in PE bag
Fastening clip
for face masks with ear loops
bulk packed